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Do you live or visit Barcelona? Are into (street) photography? This group is for anyone and everyone who loves Barcelona and photography so, welcome and feel free to join to our next Photowalks !

At least twice a month we meet in a different part of the city to capture unique moments on the streets of Barcelona. We also organize other events including photographic trips to the mountains, photoshoot with models, night photography and other interesting or beautiful places in Cataluña and further afield.

It’s a great opportunity to meet new people who share a similar passion and learn about photography, from the very basics to advanced techniques.

Please invite your friends and anyone else you know who’s passionate about photography !

Next step, come say ‘Hi!’ and post a couple of photos at http://www.facebook.com/groups/BarcelonaPhotography

Check List Street Photography

Check List Street Photography

Camera 😉 Memory card with free space Charged battery Lenses (clean) Most adequate lens (e.g. 35mm prime lens) mounted on your camara ISO 200/400 : quite as sharp as ISO 100,more comfortable in case of low light (shadow) Average aperture (e.g. f/7,2-f/9) most of the...